Statistics Seminars in 2016
Thursday, December 1
Zahra Moussavi (University of Manitoba, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering): “Breathing sounds analysis during wakefulness to predict obstructive sleep apnea”
Friday, November 25
Bill Leslie (University of Manitoba, Departments of Medicine and Radiology): “(CANCELLED)”
Friday, November 18
Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan (McMaster University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics): “Exact nonparametric inference for reliability in multi-sample situation: New wine in an old bottle (CANCELLED))”
Thursday, November 10
Alexander de Leon (University of Calgary, Department of Mathematics and Statistics): “Analysis of multivariate non-Gaussian data via Gaussian copula distributions and Gaussian copula mixed models (CANCELLED)”
Thursday, November 3
Depeng Jiang (University of Manitoba, Department of Community Health Sciences): “Statistical Methods for Modeling Unknown Transition Points (CANCELLED)”
Thursday, October 27
Alexander Paseka (University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business): “Bond Valuation: A Review of Recent Methods and Advances”
Thursday, October 20
Svetlana Frenkel (University of Manitoba, Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics): “Organizational heterogeneity of human genome: linguistic-like method of analysis”
Thursday, October 13
Aerambamoorthy Thavaneswaran (University of Manitoba, Department of Statistics): “Random coefficient time series models and inference using estimating functions”
Thursday, September 15
Mohammad Jafari-Jozani (University of Manitoba, Department of Statistics): “Constrained Bayes method for estimating an ensemble of parameters in an small area estimation problem with measurement error”
Friday, June 10
Nathan Tintle (Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science; Dordt College): “Teaching the Statistical Investigation Process with Simulation-Based Inference to Improve Statistical Thinking”
Wednesday, June 8
Geneviève Lefebvre (Département de Mathématiques, Université du Québec à Montréal): “A Bayesian Finite Mixture of Bivariate Regressions Model for Causal Mediation Analyses”
Thursday, April 7
Alexandre Bouchard-Côté (Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia): “Monte Carlo without rejection”
Thursday, March 31
Tim Swartz (Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, Simon Fraser University): “Recent Work in Twenty20 Cricket Analytics”
Thursday, March 24
Martin Lysy (Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, University of Waterloo): “Stochastic Modeling of Observables in Nanoscopic Systems”
Thursday, March 17
James C. Fu (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “Large Sample Estimation and Higher Order Efficiency: Bayesian, Likelihood and Frequentist”
Thursday, March 10
Jason Loeppky (Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences, University of British Columbia, Okanagan): “Mythologies of Modern Statistics”
Thursday, February 25
Elif Acar (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “Conditional Copula Models for Right-Censored Clustered Event Time Data”
Friday, February 5
Steven P. Lalley (Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago): “Statistical Regularities of Geodesics on Negatively Curved Surfaces”
Thursday, January 28
Elaheh Torkashvand (Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba): “Pseudo-Empirical Bayes Estimation of Small Area Means Based on James-Stein Estimation in Linear Regression Models with Functional Measurement Error”
Friday, January 22
John Petkau (Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia): “MRI Lesion Based Sample Sizes for Clinical Trials in Multiple Sclerosis”
Thursday, January 21
Longhai Li (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Saskatchewan): “Cross-validatory Model Comparison and Divergent Regions Detection using iIS and iWAIC for Disease Mapping”
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July 1: Canada Day (University Closed)

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