What is Supplemental Instruction?

Fall 2017 Schedule

What courses have Supplemental Instruction?

CHEM 1300, CHEM 1310, CHEM 2210, CHEM 2220, STAT 1000, ECON 1010, ECON 1020, ENG 1440, ENG 1460

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction sessions are free weekly review sessions that are available to students in historically difficult classes. These voluntary sessions offer students an opportunity to:

  • interact on an informal basis
  • ask questions about the course
  • compare notes
  • discuss course content
  • solve practice problems
  • and develop study strategies

Supplemental Instruction sessions are facilitated by a peer mentor who has previously taken the course. Attendance at any of these sessions is voluntary, and there will be different content to discuss each week. Students should bring class notes and textbooks, and they should be prepared to discuss course content and work in groups.

Why should students attend Supplemental Instruction?

If students attend SI regularly, they can gain a better understanding of course content, get a better grade, learn some useful study strategies for future courses, and possibly meet some new people.

What do students have to say about Supplemental Instruction?

"The SI sessions I attended were very beneficial to my understanding of the course material. They helped me a lot to fully understand key components of the course. They were a great place to review material, have questions answered, and actively engage in learning. I feel like without the SI sessions my course mark would have been a lot lower."

"The SI leaders were super helpful and creative in helping us learn and understand the material."

"SI helped me to thoroughly learn the content covered in class. If I was confused during lecture, I could reassure myself that I would be able to understand it when we discussed it in the session. SI also helped me learn how to study effectively through different techniques and approaches."

"SI has made learning the material interesting because you are with your peers."

"SI directly influenced my grade in the class by providing me an opportunity to review the previous week's material under supervision. The prep seminars were also extremely valuable in reminding me of which areas I had difficulty with. Overall, SI was a benefit for this difficult course."

"If it wasn't for SI, I am not sure if I would have been able to pull off an A+. I attend every session and always leave feeling more confident with the material then when I walked in."

What is a Supplemental Instruction leader?

SI leaders are experienced students who can help students by sharing their own study strategies and techniques. They are familiar with the course materials because they have usually already taken the course. They will attend class a second time and offer weekly review sessions to help students learn. SI leaders are not TAs, and they won't lecture or re-teach course materials; their job is to help students think about their learning and to provide them with opportunities to review with other students in an organized setting.

How do I become a Supplemental Instruction leader?

We are always looking for candidates to work as S.I. leaders. If you are interested in applying, please submit a cover letter and a resume by e-mail to Tim Podolsky (supplemental_instruction@umanitoba.ca) or in person at our office in 205 Tier. A detailed job description is available here.

For more information on Supplemental Instruction, please contact:

Tim Podolsky
Learning Specialist
Academic Learning Centre
201 Tier