Parallel Planning For Competitive Admissions

What if I'm not admitted into my program of choice? Admission to professional programs and some faculties is becoming increasingly competitive. Students are encouraged to parallel plan or have a back-up plan in place when applying to competitive programs. This plan might be to apply again while also taking more courses and exploring alternative occupations.

When planning ahead or dealing with admissions results, it can be important to refer back to the career planning process and consider (1) your career preferences who you are, and (2) your knowledge of industry. Ask yourself: Why did I originally choose this occupation, faculty or program? Does this option still make sense - how does it fit my aptitudes, interests and values?

Your feelings and reactions are also important and may impact how you move forward after a rejection. When career plans are halted or delayed many emotional responses can follow, including feelings of disappointment or frustration. Communicating this news to others can also feel daunting. To learn more about resources that can help and for supportive tips and strategies, click here

So, what's my next step?

Many factors may influence your decision: grades, interests, aptitude, finances, geography, family and community. These are significant to career planning and will be addressed throughout this resource.

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Also consider gaining further insight through paid work and volunteering!
Experience in an industry or career-related position can help you learn about the field as well as your work preferences. This, in turn, can assist you in making future career decisions. A Career Consultant and our CareerCONNECT job posting board or others can help you locate relevant volunteer work, part-time jobs, summer jobs or full-time employment.

Decision tree

Apply again Same occupation, different path or program Select another occupation