University of Manitoba General Entrance Scholarships

Entrance scholarships are awarded to students graduating from a Canadian high school with outstanding academic averages.

Three scholarship levels have been set, with the prerequisite average for each tier and corresponding scholarship amount determined on a yearly basis.

Level I average greater than or equal to 95% $3,000
Level II average greater than or equal to 90% $2,000
Level III average greater than or equal to 85% $1,000

    Note: Quotas for scholarships may be set for each UM Faculty/School.
     Formal scholarship names are as follows: Level I = University of Manitoba
     Queen Elizabeth II Entrance Scholarship, Level II = Guertin Centennial
     Entrance Scholarship, Level III = Hogg Centennial Entrance Scholarship.

Candidates are required to have:

  • A submission through Apply Yourself by the scholarships deadline of March 1, 2019.
  • A minimum average of 85% over the best five courses from a pre-approved list.


Listing of pre-approved courses:

  • Art 40S
  • Biology 40S
  • Chemistry 40S
  • Computer Science 40S
  • English/Anglais 40S
  • Geography 40S
  • History 40S
  • Physics 40S
  • Music 40S
  • Social Studies: World Issues 40S or Global Issues 40S
  • Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies: A Foundation for Implementation 40S

Only one of:

  • Applied Math 40S
  • Pre-Calculus 40S
  • Calculus 42S (Calculus 45S is not acceptable)

Only one of:

  • Clothing, Housing & Design 40S
  • Family Studies 40S
  • Foods & Nutrition 40S

Only one of:

  • Canadian Aboriginal Language 41G
  • Deutsch 40S
  • Filipino 40S
  • French/Français 40S (if not used in lieu of English/Anglais 40S)
  • German 40S
  • Hebrew 40S
  • Italian 40S
  • Japanese 40S
  • Mandarin 40S
  • Polish 40S
  • Portugese 40S
  • Spanish 40S
  • Ukrainian 40S


  • Students may use two English 40S or 40G level courses towards average calculation (i.e. English 40S and 40S).

  • Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate standing is considered as 40S for admission and awards purposes and may be used to replace courses listed above.
  • A comparable level of academic standing will be used to assess candidates from outside Manitoba.

Entrance scholarship decisions are made on the basis of the candidates interim average, based on the best five eligible courses (as listed above). Scholarship offers are not adjusted on final grades.

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