Indigenous Circle of Empowerment (ICE)


ICE provides you with resources and training opportunities to support development as a leader and to connect with your culture. In ICE, you will develop valuable public speaking skills, networking skills, and more.



"ICE has made me feel more connected to my culture, and part of the Indigenous community at the university. I have learned valuable life skills from role models in a welcoming environment."

Jesse Yarechewski, Student, I.H. Asper School of Business


"ICE has provided me with many opportunities to develop leadership skills. It also has given me the opportunity to learn more about my culture and allows me to give back to the Indigenous community with project development and sharing."

Myleen Spence, Student, Faculty of Arts


“ICE is an awesome student group that has enabled me to make more time for community service on campus and beyond, alongside other Indigenous students.” 

Rayanna Seymour (Hourie), J.D. candidate, Faculty of Law


“Sitting with the Indigenous Circle of Empowerment I'm learning the fundamental skills employers are looking for in an environment that is uniquely Indigenous.”

Jeremy McKay, J.D. candidate, Faculty of Law


“ICE is such an incredible opportunity for students who have a passion and desire to lead. It offers us a chance and a space to learn more about what it means to be a leader in our communities, to develop our skills, to put ourselves out there and make connections, and also to simply spend time with others on campus who have similar intentions of making the world a better place. All of this is done while intentionally and respectfully keeping our Indigenous teachings at its core and that really is, for me, a huge reason ICE feels so powerful and safe. I am so grateful this program exists!”

Charlene Hallett, Student, Family Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences



To apply to become an ICE member, you must meet the following requirements:

- Be a University of Manitoba student in good academic standing (minimum G.P.A. = 2.5).
- Be enrolled in a minimum of 18 credit hours over the Fall and Winter terms or be a full-time graduate student.
- You must be First Nations, Métis, or Inuit.
- Be available for meetings that are held every two weeks.

We expect ICE members to:

- Be open-minded, inclusive, respectful, and responsible.
- Bring a positive attitude to all meetings and events.
- Attend at least 80% of meetings and to let us know ahead of time if they are unable to make a meeting.
- Do 4 hours of volunteering per term (Fall & Winter).
- Complete a Capstone project (as a group).
- Complete Speechcraft Public Speaking Training (4 sessions that will take place on Thursday evenings in January and February)(Not a requirement for students that have already completed Speechcraft Training).
- Fill out an application form for a grant to support the ICE program (part of this application form).


2017-2018 application process is opening soon!