In order to create the best post-secondary learning environment for Indigenous students, the University of Manitoba asks you to self-declare if you are of Indigenous ancestry. By self-declaring as an Indigenous student, you will:

  • Be considered for merit and need-based awards dedicated to Indigenous students such as scholarships, fellowships, prizes and bursaries. While the University of Manitoba offers a wide array of awards that do not require an application form, some awards do have an application process. For further information, please visit the Financial Aid and Awards website at or contact the Awards Office
  • Help the University to create, improve and communicate supports for Indigenous students.
  • Provide information for statistical analysis, which will assist the University in tracking its progress towards meetings its commitment to increase the recruitment and retention of Indigenous students.

As a student, you will be able to self-declare in three ways:

  1. At point of application for grad and undergrad students
  2. In Aurora Self-Service; and,
  3. Using a stand alone form [Canadian Indigenous Self-Declaration Form (PDF)] which you can print off and return to the Registrar’s Office, 400 University Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions re: Self-declaration

1. Why should I self-declare?

By self-declaring you will be considered for merit and need-based awards such as scholarships, fellowships, prizes, and bursaries dedicated to U of M students who are Indigenous.

You also have the option to receive communication about opportunities to get engaged with leadership, mentorship, jobs, cultural activities, tutors, Elders, supports, and much more.

2. What does the university get out of students self-declaring?

Self-declaring provides statistical information that allows the U of M to better understand the Indigenous student population. This information will be used to guide the University’s decision-making around creating and enhancing resources, supports, and programming for Indigenous students. As well, it will allow the University to track its progress towards meeting its commitment to increase the recruitment and retention of Indigenous students.

3. What if I don’t have a status card or Métis card?

You do not need to have a status card or Métis card to self-declare.

4. What if I fall into more than one category? (e.g. I am Métis and First Nations)

You can select more than one box.

5. What if I prefer not to say which category?

You do not have to specify, however this will limit your consideration for certain awards. You will still be considered under the general Indigenous awards.

6. I didn’t self declare when I applied to university, can I still do it?

Yes. You can self-declare in Aurora at any time during your studies. Or if you prefer to self-declare on paper, please use the stand alone Canadian Indigenous Self-Declaration Form (PDF) which you can print off and return to the Registrar’s Office, 400 University Centre.

7. I can’t remember if I’ve self-declared or not, how can I find out if I did?

You can look at your student profile in Aurora. There are two place you can check: under the “Personal Information” tab or the “Declarations” tab. Click on “Canadian Indigenous Self-Declaration” to see if you have self-declared. 

8. Who will have access to my personal information?

The information collected is kept by the Registrar’s Office. It is kept completely confidential and will only be used for the reasons outlined in the self-declaration process: awards consideration, statistical purposes, and communication (if selected).

9. Will my professors or classmates be able to check if I’ve self-declared?


10. I’d like to know more about the University’s Indigenous community, but I’m afraid if I select that option I will be overwhelmed with emails.

The University has created guidelines for campus groups wishing to communicate with Indigenous students. All communication will be sent through a weekly e-newsletter from the Indigenous Student Centre.

11. Can staff, faculty and non-Indigenous students subscribe to the Indigenous Student Newsletter?

Yes! You can subscribe by signing up through the U of M's public mailing lists.

12. What if I signed up for the newsletter, but changed my mind?

You can find instructions on how to unsubscibe here.