Term Work Grade Appeal

Senate, at its meeting on 3 March 1993, approved a recommendation from the Senate Committee on the Academic Evaluation of Students that:

All Faculty and School Councils adopt a formal policy for the appeal of grades given for term work in that Faculty or School that has been returned or made available to students before the last day of classes.

Should I file a term work grade appeal?

Any student who is dissatisfied with a grade on term work has the right to appeal that grade.

The student should recognize, however, that term work grade appeals are only upheld when there are good reasons to support the student’s request for an elevated grade.

Reasons for submitting a term work grade appeal may include:

• miscalculation of marks
• misgrading of paper/exam
• application of an evaluation or grading system which was not included in the course outline
• unfair or inequitable process in determining the final grade

What actually happens when I file a term work grade appeal?

A student may formally appeal a grade received for term work provided that the matter has been discussed with the instructor in the first instance in an attempt to resolve the issue without the need for an informal appeal" (University of Manitoba Calendar).

A consultation regarding your grade occurs within the respective department.

Section IVd. of the University Appeal of Final Grade Regulations specifies that:

"Normally the re-evaluation of a final grade shall be undertaken by the instructor(s) responsible for the particular course in consultation with at least one other instructor - in the same or related subject area - who shall independently assess the script and/or other relevant materials (April 3, 1985)".
A similar process for term work grade appeals will be followed in each faculty/school/department.

For re-evaluation of term work check with the faculty/school/department (as appropriate) concerned for complete information.

If other relevant materials are to be reviewed, the student should make them available to the department head.

How do I appeal my term work grade?

Before filing a formal Term Work Grade Appeal, discuss your concerns with the instructor.

Normally, term work grades may be appealed up to 10 working days after the grades for the term work have been made available to the student.

Read the application for Appeal of Term Work carefully and provide all pertinent information.

• Enclose copies of your work to be reviewed, where appropriate (e.g., essay).
• Submit appeal package and make payment at the Cashier’s Office, Room 138 University Centre.

How long does the term work grade appeal process take?

Normally, the department is requested to inform the student of the result of the term work grade appeal within 15 days after the formal appeal has been filed.

How much does a term work grade appeal cost?

A payment of $35.00 is currently required for each term work grade appealed. This fee is refunded for any grade which is raised as a result of the appeal.

Can my mark be lowered as a result of a term work grade appeal?

No, an appealed term work grade may not be lowered.

What are my chances of having a favorable result of my grade appeal?

• Obtaining a favorable result on a term work grade appeal depends on a number of factors including:
• the grounds for the appeal
• the reason stated
• and the consultative process

If my term work grade appeal is denied and I am not satisfied with this decision, what options are available to me?

Should you not be satisfied with the decision, you may wish to seek advice from our office.