Academic Misconduct

This Student Discipline Website was created to provide information and resources for staff and students who are dealing with student academic misconduct. It has been developed by the Student Discipline Working Group as an additional method of providing resources to assist staff as they work through an issue of student academic misconduct.

Please note that much of this information is specific to undergraduate students and matters involving graduate students should follow the Faculty of Graduate Studies processes as outlined in the Student Discipline By Law.

Academic misconduct occurs when a student submits documents to the university that compromise academic integrity. Academic misconduct includes behaviours such as plagiarism on an assignment, purchasing an assignment for submission, submitting fraudulent or forged documents, exam impersonation, cheating on a test or exam, and copying another student’s work. The University of Manitoba emphasizes the importance of academic integrity and works diligently to uphold a rigorous and honest academic environment.

The site provides a table summarizing the various policies related to student discipline, as well as the University of Manitoba’s student discipline policies and procedures. This site is intended to inform faculty, staff and students about student discipline expectations at the University of Manitoba including necessary steps to address student discipline issues related to academic misconduct.

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Students Students are encouraged to click the image on the left as it leads to a set of helpful resources prepared for students by the Student Advocacy office.  Students may also find the resources included in the Academic Staff link to be informative.

Academic Staff

Academic Staff can access resources by clicking the image on the left. This site provides teaching assistants (and graders and markers), instructors, department heads and coordinators, and associate deans and directors with procedural guidelines necessary to address academic misconduct issues. The site also provides academic staff with suggested sanctions for specific types of academic dishonesty. Templates of letters that address procedural and decision-making outcomes are also included to assist academic staff when applying the University of Manitoba’s Student Discipline policies and procedures. In addition, links to multiple resources are available. This link features quick access to each of the following:

  • Templates for Letters of Notification to Students
  • Sample Letters of Notification to Students
  • Procedural Guidelines for Teaching Assistants, Academic Staff, Department Heads, and Deans
  • A rubric containing guidelines for disciplinary sanctions/actions
  • An outline of mitigating and aggravating factors
  • An Academic Dishonesty Flowchart and
  • Other resources