Study Spaces

Who we are and why we did this:

This resource is one of the Capstone Team Projects provided by the Fall 2013 cohort of the Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP), offered by Student Life. The SLDP is a co-curricular certificate program, that encourages students to build valuable skills by combining leadership training with hands-on leadership experiences. The program consists of a series of workshop sessions, self-reflection activities and a variety of leadership assessment tools. One unique aspect of the program is also that it includes the completion of a capstone team project, where groups of 5-6 students have the opportunity to apply the skills they have acquired in the workshops through a project that benefits our campus or local community.

What we want to achieve by providing this service:

This website provides students with a comprehensive, easy-to-use directory of all the study spaces available on the Fort Garry and Bannatyne campuses. The study spaces have been documented according to specific categories, such as 'hours of operation', 'seating-style', 'noise level' etc.

By providing students with this information, we hope to encourage students to branch out socially, to explore all that the U of M campus has to offer and to aid students in finding a space that is right for them.