Parents' Guide to Resources

The University of Manitoba provides students with a variety of ways to learn about and access the services available to support their academic, personal and social well-being. Students are introduced to these services during new student events, such as Head Start and Orientation, and through e-mails and event advertising that happen throughout the year.

As a parent, guardian or family member, encourage your student to be proactive about finding out how these services can help them. Students do not have to do it all by themselves, but do need to ask questions and seek guidance. Review the following resources for information about who does what at the University of Manitoba, and to know where to direct your student for assistance.

Services Available To Support Your Student
Academic, personal, and/or social help, support and involvement University of Manitoba Student Guide
New student events Head Start
First year planning First Year Planning Guide
First Year Timetabling & Planning Session
Career planning Career Myths and Beliefs
Parents as Partners in Career Planning
Other U of M Resources
Student experience Student Experience Website
Student email and e-memos Student email policy

May 27, 2015