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Our Mandate

The mandate of the Financial Planning Office (FPO) is to provide guidance and direction to the University’s senior leadership, academic units and administrative units in support of short and long term financial and strategic planning while preserving the long term financial health of the organization.

The above mandate is guided to a significant degree by Taking Our Place: University of Manitoba Strategic Plan 2015-2020. Our office is responsible for the development and delivery of the University of Manitoba operating budget, as well as providing multi-year operating estimates to Manitoba Education and Training, the University’s primary grant funder. The operating budget and estimates reflect the University’s strategic plan by aligning University resources with institutional priorities.

In 2018/19, the University of Manitoba implemented a new budget model. The Financial Planning Office continues to support the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), the Vice-President (Administration) and all units across the institution in the ongoing development and implementation of new processes, establishing budget related procedures and guidelines, participating on various planning committees and conducting projections and analysis to support informed decision making. FPO also provides academic and administrative units with analytical tools and resources, as well as timely and relevant information to support the University budgeting and planning processes.