What is Banner Finance?

Banner is the main engine of the Aurora Finance system at the University of Manitoba. Also called Internet Native Banner (INB), Banner Finance is the core component of our accounting system, recording every financial transaction that has occurred since April 1, 2006. Visit the Aurora Finance Systems Overview page to view how Banner is essential to the University's finance system.


Employees who need to perform regular financial transactions such as ID charges, invoices, journal entries and who need to review information such as signing authorities require access to Banner.

Visit the Aurora Finance Security Access page if you need to request access to the system.


All employees who require access to Banner should receive training on the system prior to logging in. Visit the Aurora Finance Training page to see what and when training options are available.


Contact Aurora Finance Customer Support at (204) 480-1001 or for assistance with the system.

Online resources, FAQs and resports can also be found at the Aurora Finance homepage.

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