Employee Payroll Information

This page contains all you need to know in order to be paid by the University as an employee. Check out the sections below:

Employee Self Service Portal (ESS)
Electronic T4
Employee Pay Advance received May 2005 Information
Required Staff Forms
TD1 and Government Forms
Record of Employment
Pay Dates
Federal or Provincial Changes to Payroll
Student Pay








Employee Self Service (ESS) - Pay Statements, T4s and so much more!

Employee Self Service is a secured web portal that allows you, the employee, to view, print or update things like your employment history, pay statements or T4-Slips, your benefit (coverage etc) and address information from a computer with internet connection anywhere in the world. 

What’s on ESS?

All staff will be able to view their personal information including current address, emergency contacts, pay statements, T4 slips, benefits coverage, vacation allowance, beneficiaries, dependents and their attendance profile which displays a running total of the number of hours recorded for an employee for a calendar year current to the most recent pay period. Employees can update their home address and emergency contact information.

For more information on ESS, including how to log in, click here


Electronic T4


Log into ESS: https://vip.umanitoba.ca 

Click on "MY PAY" icon, the "Federal Tax Slip" panel is located in the middle.

By clicking onto the "T4" of the year, a new window will be populated for download/print.


To request Paper T4, please complete the Request Form for Paper T4 Slip 

Employee Pay Advance received May 2005 Information

VIP Advance info and deduction authorization

*Students with part time employment should visit our Student Income section

Staff Forms - Necessary to Get You Paid!

Look in the Employee Personal Information Forms section of the Human Resources VIP Forms page for the required forms to process your payroll. 

Government Forms - The TD1

The TD1 form is a Government Tax form that should be completed and submitted to Payroll if you are a new or returning hire or if you have previously claimed additional tax credit.

(The links below are the fillable verison of the corresponding form, non-fillable version can be found on CRA website.)

2021 Tax Forms Forms   Worksheet
Personal Tax Credits Return TD1   TD1-WS
Manitoba Personal Tax Credits Return TD1MB
Nunavut Personal Tax Credits Return TD1NU   TD1NU-WS
Determination of Exemption of an Indian's Employment Income TD1-IN E(20)






Record of Employment

All Records of Employment are issued electronically to Service Canada within 5 days of the final pay period. No paper copies are mailed.

For more information on ROEs, including how to access, please visit our ROE Information Sheet.


Pay Dates  

The University of Manitoba has three pay cycles. A list of pay periods and pay dates for each cycle are provided on our Pay Date Calendar 2021

Please adhere to your department's deadline for submitting hours for payment. Hours reported late may miss the payroll deadline and your payment may be delayed. If you are unsure as to what your department's instructions for hours submission is, make it a priority to ask your department administrative staff. 


Federal or Provincial Changes to Payroll - Canada Pension Plan, Taxable Benefits

Visit the following links for more information on Government changes to payroll:

Student Pay

Students with part time employment, Scholarships, Fellowships, Bursaries or Research grants can find their Statement of Renumeration in Employee Self Service (ESS). The steps to obtain are:

  1. Access ESS via https://vip.umanitoba.ca 
  2. Under My Pay tab
  3. Click on the Payment Date inside Pay Stub panel
  4. Statement will populate on a separate window

If you do have employment income, ensure you complete a TD1 form each time you are hired.

T2202A forms are accessed via the Aurora Student System.



Our General Payroll Services line is (204) 474-6632. Call with any questions you might have. For specific questions related to your department/unit, please visit our Staff Directory for a full listing of support available.