Alphabetical Governing Document Index



Academic Centres and Institutes
Academic Appointments
Academic Fraud (repealed - see Responsible Conduct of Research)
Academic Freedom and Responsibilities
Academic Guide of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
Academic Program Reviews
Access and Privacy
Accessibility for Students with Disabilities (repealed - see Accessibility)
Additional Academic Appointments for full time and support staff
Adjunct Professors
Administration and Control of Operating Funds
Administration of Faculty and Emergency Student Loans
Administrative Leaves for Academic Administrators
Administrative Officers: General Statement
Administrative Unit Reviews
Admission and Transfer Credit for Students from Community Colleges, Technical Colleges, Bible Colleges and Other Accredited Colleges Study
Admission Appeals (see Senate Committee on Admission Appeals)
Admission Targets
Advertising for Senior Administrative Positions
Allocation of Revenues Derived from Plant Varieties Developed at the University
Animal Care and Use
Appeals by Academic or Support Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units
Application for Faculty Status
Appointments of Deans of Faculties & Directors of Schools
Appointments of Heads of Departments
Approved Teaching centres
Archives and Preservation and Destruction of Records (repealed - see Archives)
Art Collections
Asbestos Management Program Procedure
Assignment of Room Numbers
Attendance Management
Audit Services
Authorized Withdrawal
Award of Degrees Posthumously


Bank Loan Guarantees (repealed)
Biosafety (formerly, Biological Safety)
Board Committees
Board Composition
Board of Governors Meeting Rules
Building Access Control (revised - see University Building Access Control)
Business Cards (repealed - see Visual Identity)


Campus Alcohol Policy
Cancellation of Scheduled Classes (repealed - see Responsibilities of Academic Staff with regard to Students)
Capital Equipment Control
Cash Control
Categories of Awards to be inscribed
Cessation of Staff Employment/Appointment exit
Chairs and Professorships
Challenge for Credit
Chancellor Emeritus/Emerita
Chancellor's Hall (repealed)
Clean Air Procedure
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Monitoring
Closing the University
Co-Curricular Record
Code of Conduct for Members of the Board of Governors
College Council
Commercial Advertising
Conflict of Interest Between Evaluators and Students due to Close Personal Relationships
Conflict of Interest
Controlled Products Standard Procedure
Co-Operative Education
COPSE Program Approval Process (repealed)
Core Principles (see Mission, Vision and Values)
Curriculum/Course Program Changes
Custody and Control of Electronic Devices and Media


Dean Emeritus/Emerita
Dean of Faculties
Deans of Faculties and Directors of Schools of the University: Appointment and Review
Definitions of Academic Units
Degree and Diploma Parchments Printed in French
Department Council
Department Organization and Structure
Director of Schools of a Faculty or College
Directors of Schools of the University
Discipline and Dismissal of EMAPS 
Discipline and Dismissal of Term and Contingent Academic Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units
Disclosure and Security of Student Academic Records (repealed)
Distinguished Professor / Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Distinguished Service Award
Distinguished Visiting Lectureships (repealed)


Election of Academic and Support Staff to Senate
Election by Graduates of Members BOG
Election of the Chancellor
Election of Senate to BOG
Election of Students to Senate
Electronic Communication with Students
Emergency Contacts (repealed)
Emergency Management Program
Emeritus Appointments for Senior Administrators
Emeritus/Emerita Titles
Employee Organization & Employee Groups General Statement
Employment Equity
Employment Files
Employment of Support Staff
Enrolment Limitations (see Admission Targets)
Enrolment Quotas and Staffing (repealed)
Enterprise Risk Management
Envelopes and Inter-Departmental Memos (repealed - see Visual Identity)
Ethics of Research Involving Humans
Examination Regulations (see Final Examinations and Final Grades)
Exclusive Suppliers and Administrative Systems
Executive Group and Academic Administrative Appointments - Academic Staff
Executive Group Appointments - Support Staff


Faculties, Schools, Professional Colleges, Departments, Divisions and Institutes
Faculty and School Council
Fall Protection Procedure
Film Liaison
Final Examinations and Final Grades
Financial Administration and Control of Research and Special Funds 
Financial Aid and Awards
FIPPA and PHIA (see Access and Privacy)
Fire Safety
Flag Etiquette
Fund Raising


Gifts and Gratuities Offered to University Employees
Gifts to/from the University
Governing Document Development and Review
Grade Point Averages
Guidelines on Responsibilities for Research Ethics (repealed - see Responsible Conduct of Research)


Heads of Departments
Health and Safety Policy
Health and Safety Procedure - Employees
Health and Safety Procedure - Students
Health and Safety Procedure - Visitors
Health and Safety Procedure - Role of EHSO
Hiring Non-Canadians
Hogg Trust Fund (repealed)
Honorary Degrees
Honourary Professor (repealed)
Hours of Work and Overtime for EMAPS
Hours of Work and Overtime for Excluded Students and Out of Province Support Staff


Illegal Drugs (repealed)
Immunization Standard
Inappropriate or Disruptive Student Behaviour (repealed - see Student Discipline)
Independent Contractors (repealed)
Information Security
Institutional Costs of Research:  Recovery and Distribution
Intellectual Property
Investigation and Reporting Fraud (repealed - see Responsible Conduct of Research)
Invoicing and Collection


Job Titles for Support Staff


Laboratory Safety
Language Usage Guidelines (repealed - see Respectful Work and Learning Environment)
Lay-off or Resignation for Term and Contingent Academic Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units
Leaves of Absence
Legal Aid Services (repealed)
Legal Representation
Letterhead (repealed - see Visual Identity)
Librarian Emeritus/Emerita


Maternity and Parental Leave
Methodology for Projecting Space Needs
Minors in Laboratories and Other Hazardous Work Areas
Mission, Vision and Values
Multi-Sectioned Courses


Naming of Academic Units
Naming of Buildings, Parts of Buildings and Spaces
Non-Acceptance of Discriminatory Awards (repealed - see Student Awards)


Outside Activities - Support Staff


Payments of Guest Lecture Fees (repealed)
Payments of Scholarships, Bursaries, Fellowships, Research Grants or Prizes
Payroll Authorization
Performance Planning and Review of Support Staff
Pets on Campus

Petty Cash
PHIA Procedures (see Access and Privacy)
Physical Plant Service Requests and Charging
Position Discontinuance, Lay-off and Resignation
Post Retirement Appointments

President Emeritus/Emerita
Pre-University Studies
Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Prohibition of the Possession of Firearms
Promotion of Senior Academic Administrators Outside the Faculty Bargaining Unit


Radiation Safety
Reasonable Accommodation in Employment (Disabilities)
Recommending Candidates for Honorary Degrees (see Honorary Degrees)
Records Management
Recruitment Relocation Allowances
Reduced Appointments
Repeated Course
Reporting of Actions of Senate to Faculties and Schools
Research Agreements
Research Centres, Institutes and Groups
Research Ethics Involving Human Subjects
Research/Study Leaves for Academic Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units
Research/Study Leave Research Grants
Respectful Work and Learning Environment
Response to Health and Safety Concerns
Responsibilities of Academic Staff with Regard to Students
Responsible Conduct of Research


Safety Committees
Safety Management Procedure
Safe Disclosure (Whistleblower)
Salary Administration for Excluded Dental Hygiene Instructors
Salary Administration for Medical/Dental Practitioners and Administrators Excluded from Bargaining Units
Salary Administration for Nurses in Northern Manitoba Excluded from Bargaining Units
Salary Administration for EMAPS
Security, Surveillance and the Release of Information (repealed - see Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Monitoring)
Senate Committee on Admission Appeals
Senate Committee on Appeals
Senate Committees
Senate Composition
Senate Meeting Rules
Senior Salaries Administration
Senior Scholar
Service Courses
Sexual Assault
Sick Leave
Signing of Agreements
Signing Authorities for Accounts (repealed)
Space Planning
Space Policy
Special Convocations
Staff Benefits Committee
Stipends for Academic Administrators
Student Advocacy Office
Student Awards
Student Discipline
Student Medical and Hospital Insurance (repealed)
Student Organization Fees
Student Organizations (repealed - see Student Organization Fees)
Submission of Course, Curriculum and Program Changes
Substance Abuse and/or Dependency
Support Staff Learning and Development
Support Staff Retirements


Teaching Evaluation
Temporary Absences from Work
Term of Appointment and Tenure
Textbook and Course Material Ordering
Travel and Business Expense Claims
Transference of External Grades


University Building Access Control
University College
University Health Service
University Librarian
University Librarian: Appointment and Review
University Mail Services
University Motorized Vehicles
University Office Hours
University Secretary
Use of Academic Seal
Use of Computer Facilities
Use of Copyright Protected Materials
Use of Corporate Seal

Use of Facilities
Use of Safety Footwear Procedure


Vacation Entitlement Policy for Academic Staff
Vacation Plan for Excluded Management, Administrative and Professional Staff
Vacation Plan for Excluded Students and Out of Province Support Staff
Vacation Plan for Support Staff Medical/Dental Practitioners and Administrators
Values (see Mission, Vision and Values)
Vending (repealed)
Vice-President (Academic)
Vice-President (Administration)
Vice-President (External)
Vice-President (Research and International)
Violent or Threatening Behavior
Vision (see Mission, Vision and Values)
Visual Identity
Voluntary Withdrawal


Web Pages (repealed - see Visual Identity)
Working Alone



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