Effective Date:
May 28, 2007
Revised Date:
Review Date:
May 28, 2017
Approving Body:
Board of Governors
President; Delegated to Vice-President (Administration)
Executive Director of Human Resources
Applies to:
Board of Governors members;
Employees: See List

This Policy applies to the following employee groups excluded from bargaining units as
identified in Procedure: Employee Organizations and Employment Groups:

(a) Executive (Academic and Support Staff);
(b) Academic and Support Staff as Members of the Board of Governors;
(c) Senior Administrative Academic Staff;
(d) Administrative Academic Staff;
(e) Geographic Full-Time Staff;
(f) Sessional Professional Academic Staff;
(g) Research Academic Staff;
(h) Other Academic Staff;
(i) Excluded Management, Administrative and Professional Staff;
(j) Medical Practitioners and Administrators;
(k) Out of Province Support Staff;
(l) Excluded Student Support Staff.

1.0 Reason for Policy

To define the extent to which the University provides a process for academic and
support staff excluded from bargaining units to appeal supervisory decisions which
adversely affect them.

2.0 Policy Statement

The University, as an Employer, recognizes that in order to promote cooperation and
harmony with University employees, it is essential that all employees have access to a
procedure for appealing supervisory decisions which adversely affect them. To this
end the University will establish an Appeal Procedure for all employees excluded from
bargaining units.

2.1 Termination of employment through dismissal or position discontinuance processes are
not appealable as employees have access to civil actions against the University.

2.2 Appeals will be dealt with internally within the University and will not be subject to

3.0 Accountability

3.1 The University Secretary is responsible for advising the President that a formal review of
this Policy and Secondary Documents are required.

3.2 The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication,
administration and interpretation of this policy.

4.0 Secondary Documents

4.1 The Vice-President (Administration) or the President may approve Procedures which are
secondary to and comply with this Policy.

5.0 Review

5.1 Formal Policy reviews will be conducted every ten (10) years. The next scheduled review
date for this Policy is .

5.2 In the interim, this Policy may be revised or rescinded if the Board of Governors deems

5.3 If this Policy is revised or rescinded, all Secondary Documents will be reviewed as soon
as reasonably possible in order to ensure that they:

(a) comply with the revised Policy; or
(b) are in turn rescinded.

6.0 Effect on Previous Statements

6.1 This Policy supersedes:

(a) all previous Board/Senate Policies, Procedures, and resolutions on the subject
matter herein;
(b) all previous Administration Policies, Procedures, and directives on the subject
matter contained herein;
(c) Policy 1106 Grievances (dated May 17, 1977);
(d) Policy 713 Grievance Bylaw (dated April 14, 1987); and
(e) Bylaw 25.00 Grievance Bylaw (undated).

7.0 Cross References

Cross referenced to:

Procedures: Appeal Procedure for Academic or Support Staff Excluded from
Bargaining Units