Governing Documents: Staff
Effective Date:
June 13, 2012
Revised Date:
Review Date:
June 13, 2022
Approving Body:
Administration: President
The University of Manitoba Act
President delegated to the Vice-President (Administration)
Associate Vice-President (Human Resources)
Applies to:
Employees: All Support Staff (see list)


(a) Support Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units as Members of the Board;
(b) The Executive Staff (Support Staff Members only);
(c) Excluded Management, Administrative and Professional Staff;
(d) Medical Practitioners and Administrators;
(e) Nurses in Northern Manitoba;
(f) Out of Province Support Staff;
(g) Student Support Staff; and
(h) All Support Staff in bargaining units.

1.0 Reason for Policy

1.1 To establish guidelines for use of job titles for support staff positions in an effort to standardize job titles and clarify the levels of authority of managerial staff.

2.0 Policy Statement

2.1 All support staff continuing, sessional, project or term positions shall have a position description and shall be classified to establish the employment category and assist in the determination of terms and conditions of employment. In addition, specific job titles may be used by the department in which the position is located.

2.2 However, individual job titles shall reflect the level of managerial authority taking into account the entire University structure. For example, only positions in the Executive Group may use the titles President, Provost, Vice-President, Associate Vice-President, Vice-Provost, University Secretary, Comptroller or Chief Information Officer. The use of the term “Chief”, such as “Chief Financial Officer”, would not be an appropriate term for a position within a Faculty or Administrative Unit.

2.3 The title,“Executive Director”, is to be used for a leadership position in an organization/unit with broad scope or multiple units. In some cases, an Executive Director may be a member of the Executive Group if the responsibility extends across the entire University. This is determined by the Management Review and Compensation Committee of the Board of Governors.

2.4 Other jobs which are excluded from the bargaining units based on the performance of primarily managerial functions may use the titles of Director and Manager. The position of Director generally operates at a more strategic level than a Manager who would typically have more line responsibility for staff or a function. Generally, the duties and job titles of Directors and Managers would not be permitted for positions within the bargaining units.

2.5 Positions in the bargaining units with staff responsibilities would normally use titles such as supervisor or coordinator and would report to a director or manager.

2.6 Assistance in compliance with the use and establishment of job titles is available from Human Resource Services.

3.0 Accountability

3.1 The University Secretary is responsible for advising the President that a formal review of this Policy is required.

3.2 The Associate Vice-President (Human Resources) is responsible for the communication, administration and interpretation of this Policy.

4.0 Secondary Documents

4.1 The Vice-President (Administration) or the President may approve Procedures which are secondary to and comply with this Policy.

5.0 Review

5.1 Formal Policy reviews will be conducted every ten (10) years. The next scheduled review date for this Policy is June 13, 2022.

5.2 In the interim, this Policy may be revised or rescinded if the President and/or Vice-President (Administration) deems necessary.

5.3 If this Policy is revised or rescinded, all Secondary Documents will be reviewed as soon as reasonably possible in order to ensure that they:

(a) comply with the revised Policy; or

(b) are in turn rescinded.

6.0 Effect on Previous Statements

6.1 This Policy supersedes the following:

(a) all previous Board/Senate Policies, Procedures, and resolutions on the subject matter contained herein; and

(b) all previous Administration Policies, Procedures, and directives on the subject matter contained herein.

7.0 Cross References