Change Management resources

The Prosci® methodology is well supported by theory and practical resources which underpins all the training Change Management and Project Services offers.  CMAPS would like to offer some of the same resource materials to you to help support you in your Change Management efforts. Below is a list of key Prosci® resources that are available for loan through Change Management and Project Services.

Prosci®also has many free resources through their website.  Below are links to a few articles that may be of interest to those exploring change management.  



ADKAR - A model for change in business government and our community

How to implement successful change in our personal lives and professional careers; the first full text on Prosci's popular ADKAR Model.


The Employees Survival Guide to Change 

A handbook to help employees survive and thrive during change - answers frequently asked questions and empowers employees to be effective change agents with the Prosci ADKAR Model.


Change Management – the People Side of Change

A solid foundation in change management perspectives, theories and practices for executives and managers.


2014 edition of Best Practices in Change Management

Benchmarking report - 2014 edition
822 participants share best practices in change management.


Prosci® Articles:

Change vs. Change Management

Connecting Change Management to Business Results: Future State Exercise