Mission, Vision and Values of CMaPS

Mission: To facilitate and support change that improves the University and its students, faculty, and staff.

Vision: To be recognized and trusted by our community as a strategic resource and integral partner in achieving the University’s mission and priorities.

Our Values: 
1. We are explorers: We value openness and continual growth. We are curious and constantly seek to understand and improve.
2. We are stewards: We exist to serve our community members who enable the University to fulfill its mission.
3. We are sincere: We demonstrate accountability, trustworthiness and credibility in our work.
4. We are positive: We exhibit enthusiasm and dedication in all we do.
5. We are inclusive: We intentionally create open and collaborative environments where community members are valued and encouraged to contribute.
6. We are tenacious: We act with intention and purpose to foster effective and sustainable change.