General Procedures
Case management activities are initiated by Employee Wellness upon notification of injury or illness in order to facilitate an early and safe return to work. An integral third party in the process is the employee’s attending medical practitioner, who provides details of the individual’s current physical capabilities and overall prognosis for functional recovery.

Employee Wellness may contact an employee to discuss treatment progress, fitness for work, and return to work options. A Workplace Capabilities Form may be requested at the onset of disability, and periodically thereafter, to assist in determining whether or not reasonable accommodations can be facilitated. It is very important that the disabled employee keep in regular contact with his/her supervisor to keep the supervisor informed of progress made towards recovery and return to work.

Where an employee has been medically cleared to return to modified duties and/or hours, the following steps are generally taken:

  1. Employee should obtain the written recommendations of his/her physician regarding a return to modified duties and/or hours. A Workplace Capabilities Form should be provided to the physician for completion.
  2. Submit the medical document to Employee Wellness via email or fax 204-474-7448 ASAP.
  3. In most cases a RTW planning meeting will be required in order to develop a formal rehabilitation plan, which will include the employee, union representative, supervisor and Employee Wellness. Depending on the circumstances and subject to consultation with Employee Wellness, arrangements may be made to have the employee commence modified duties prior to the RTW planning meeting.

Employee Wellness, in concert with the supervisor and other team members, is responsible for determining reasonable job accommodation, including part-time or transitional employment and changes in task assignment, shift or equipment. The employee’s active participation and cooperation in efforts to promote recovery are essential to their successful rehabilitation and will also aid toward continuing eligibility for disability benefits.