Message from the President

To All Academic and Support Staff:

The University of Manitoba believes in the inherent dignity of all people. All who have the potential to succeed at our University should have access to it. We respect our differences, celebrate our commonalities, and are united in our mutual focus on intellectual achievement. We promote workplace diversity in access to our programs and employment and in the conduct of the University’s affairs.

Being an outstanding workplace is one of the four priorities in the University of Manitoba’s Strategic Planning Framework. The Outstanding Workplace Initiative was established to recognize and celebrate our strengths and achievements while also identifying areas in need of improvement.

One of the priorities within our Strategic Planning Framework is a commitment to being an outstanding employer, “offering and expecting respect for all staff and faculty, providing opportunities for leadership, growth and development, and recognizing the contributions made at all levels of the organization.” To remain vital and productive, we must recruit, retain and develop committed and engaged faculty and staff.
They are our most valuable assets. We want people to enjoy coming to work, to appreciate their colleagues, to achieve success, to contribute in a meaningful way, and to know that those contributions are valued.

People flourish when they feel safe, are able to be authentic, and feel included, respected and treated fairly. Many in our workplace community are working to enhance these aspects of our individual experience and organizational culture, yet we are committed to doing more. We believe an inclusive work environment includes recognition, respect, reconciliation, diversity, justice, numerical representation, accommodation, accountability, responsibility and healthy work environments, free from mistreatment, harassment and discrimination.

Enhancing diversity in our environment means giving more attention to interpersonal interactions, universal design principles, and to organizational norms, goals, policies and practices, on their own and the system dynamics they create. We will more clearly define and communicate our expectations regarding civil, respectful, professional behaviour and a welcoming environment, and increase our opportunities and capacity for productive conversations.

We will continue to strengthen alliances that are working to increase mutual understanding, respect and support.
We will increase our workplace representation and/or enhance participation of all, including Indigenous peoples, people of colour, persons with disabilities, women, and people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities and religions, while respecting provisions of The Human Rights Code. We will enhance our current initiatives to include staff in all employment groups.

In order to achieve these objectives, we must work together in a spirit of collegiality and mutual respect. If we proceed in the spirit, we can build an even more inclusive workplace where we are valued for our talents and we share in our successes.

Yours truly,

David T. Barnard, Ph.D.
President and Vice Chancellor