EDI Strategy
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) is a strategy, linked to all five institutional priorities identified in Taking Our Place, the University’s Strategic Plan:
•    Inspiring Minds through innovative and quality teaching,
•    Driving Discovery and Insight through excellence in research, scholarly work and other creative activities
•    Creating Pathways to Indigenous Achievement
•    Building Community that creates an outstanding learning and working environment
•    Forging Connections to foster high impact community engagement that build on the advantages of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We recognize that Women, Indigenous Peoples, Racialized Members and Person with Disabilities have been historically disadvantaged in the workforce and our goal is to level the playing field for these groups. The University acknowledges the historical discrimination against the LBGT2SQ, includes sexual orientation and gender identity questions in our workplace diversity questionnaire and addresses the barriers faced by the community with proactive and supportive initiatives.

The EDI Strategy is a living document, continually revised and updated to address underrepresentation in any of the designated groups, build cultural capacity in the community and promote inclusion campus wide for all faculty and staff.

If you wish to review the full document, please contact me.


Valerie Williams, CPHR, CCIP
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator
Learning & Organizational Development
University of Manitoba
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Room 137G, Education Building
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