Academic Recruitment
The primary objective in appointing academic staff is to provide the best possible educational programs for a diverse student body and to ensure the highest standards of achievement in research, scholarship, and creativity. 

Through our commitment to the Federal Contractors Program we work to implement measures for the identification and removal of artificial barriers to the selection, hiring, promotion and training of designated groups, i.e. women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and racialized persons; and to take steps to improve the employment status of these designated groups by increasing their participation in all levels of employment.

Diversity provides the opportunity to identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve our  services; attract, retain, motivate and develop the best people; improve the quality of decision-making at all organizational levels; and reap the many benefits from being recognized as a socially conscious and progressive university.

Workshop for Chairs and Other Members of Search Committees

       Review required and proper processes in Faculty Recruitment

       Revised to include focus on adding culturally competent recruitment skills to our recruitment and selection process in the hiring of faculty staff 

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