University of Manitoba Leaders Learning Program

The UM Leaders Learning Program (UMLLP) is a ten-day certification in university leadership program funded by Human Resources as part of a commitment to leadership development. Participants are selected for the program and are:
•    interested in learning about their leadership style and exploring ways to interact with others,
•    willing to apply what they learn to their development as a leader during and following the program,
•    able to attend the ten days learning days (one per month) and have the support of their home unit to do so,
•    engaged in leading teams or projects,
•    interested in learning about financial and human resource management and developing communication and teambuilding skills,
•    prepared to spend time outside of the program on readings and project work,
•    open to feedback from others, including direct reports, clients, leaders, and peers, and
•    interested in working collaboratively in a safe, respectful, and engaging learning environment.

The UMLLP focusses on four areas of best practices.

1.    Personal Leadership and Management: This focuses on “leading self” and includes attention to values, social and emotional intelligence, self-understanding, and continuous learning.
2.    Engagement: developing and fostering productive relationships and partnerships including communication, influence, inclusion, outstanding workplace, conflict management, and effective teamwork.
3.    Organizational Capacity Building: focusing on ways to renew and transform systems, processes, develop people, and encourage skill building to foster a climate of readiness for, and adaptability to, change. This area includes focus on the management areas of finance, human resources, and risk.
4.    Strategic Leadership and Management: Leaders must be able to express a strategic vision for the organization, and their role in supporting and aligning with the vision in ways that resonate and includes others. This includes systems thinking, strategic planning, and organizational change.

Special Features

•   Individual DiSC – Work of Leaders profile •   Creation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
•   DiSC learning modules •   Group coaching on leadership competencies
•   Two 360° feedback processes •   Individual coaching on development areas
•   Case Study project in small group •   Peer networking

Selection Criteria LOD makes every effort to ensure candidates are selected across a diverse range of units, departments, employee groups, and faculties to facilitate an inclusive environment with depth and breadth of ideas, experiences, and skillsets.