Supervisory Excellence Program

Those in supervisory roles have a huge potential for positive impact regarding productivity and morale. Conversely, poor supervisory practices can have a very negative impact. This comprehensive program addresses best practices for supervisory excellence.

To register for the Supervisory Excellence Certificate program please fill out the application form and send it to the LOD Program Coordinator.

Forms can be found here.

For more information please contact:

David Grad
Facilitator & Pragrams Coordinator
Learning & Organizational Development
Ph: 204-474-8468



    Requirements: 7 days (42 hours) of sessions

    Foundational Session (Required)

    • Excellence in Supervision: Essential Skills for Supervisors includes Planning, People Support, Coaching and Recognition, Team Development, Change Navigation, and Attitude (2 day session - 12 hours)

    Core Expectations Sessions (Required)

    • RESPECT in the Workplace: Tips for Supervisors (3 hours)
    • Service Excellence (3 hours)
    • UofM Supervisor: Need to Know - Policies & Collective Agreements  (3 hours)
    • Annual Review & Development Plan training (formerly Performance Review for Supervisors) (3 hours)
    • Safety for Supervisors (3 hours)

    Electives  - minimum of 15 hours

    • Dealing with Conflict (3 hours)
    • Mastering your Time Management Skills (formerly Managing Workload & Priorities) (3 hours)
    • Influencer (1 day - 6 hours)
    • Interpersonal Communication Skills & Conflict Management (2 days - 12 hours)
    • Crucial Conversations (formerly Difficult Conversations) (3 hours)
    • Crucial Accountabilities (formerly Confrontations for Supervisors) (3 hours)
    • Recruitment, Selection, Diversity & Onboarding (3 hours)
    • Job Descriptions & Classification (3 hours)

    Or alternate(s) determined in consultation with LOD Program Coordinator

    You can register for sessions via LODReg. A PDF version of the program description is available here.

    Please make special note of two-day sessions as attendance at both dates is required.