Congratulations on your new appointment at the University of Manitoba!

We’d like to walk you through a few important onboarding steps to help you prepare for your new role at the University.  We’ve included key information and links on this page.

Please follow the steps below so that you are fully prepared for your first day and the days to follow.  Some of these steps may not apply to you – complete only if applicable. The steps are divided up into three sections:

  • Getting Prepared includes items that should be completed before your first day.
  • Getting Started includes items, including training, that should be completed by the end of your first week in your new job.
  • Items of Interest provides a number of links and information for you. We hope you find these useful as you go forward in your job at the University.
  • Orientation (Welcome to the University) provides additional information about University life as a staff member.

We expect you may have questions.  Please work with your manager to ensure you understand and complete all necessary steps in order to make your transition into your new job a smooth one.

Contact the HR Help Desk (204-474-9400) if you have any questions along the way.

Getting Prepared - Before Your First Day

Legal documentation for foreign workers
If you are a foreign worker, please bring a copy of your work or study permit* and a copy of your SIN confirmation letter to Human Resources (309 Administration, Ft Garry Campus; or S203 Medical Services, 750 Bannatyne Avenue, Bannatyne Campus) on or before your first day of work.

*Students, please ensure that your study permit states that you are allowed to work on campus.

For course instructors

Please contact your employment supervisor to make arrangements to receive the course outline, course textbook order and to discuss any audiovisual requirements for the course.
Please review the Responsibilities of Academic Staff with Regard to Students (ROASS) document and other academic integrity policies and procedures.

Claim your computer account within five (5) days of accepting your offer.
Claim your computer ID as soon as possible, if you are a new employee and do not currently have an active U of M computer account, visit signUM and claim your account by clicking on “Claim Your ID”.
Your computer ID provides you with:

  • a University email account
  • access to some mandatory online training
  • access to the University employee portal JUMP
  • access to Employee Self-Service (ESS), where you can view/print your pay stubs and T4s, access your Career Centre, check your appointment, salary information, and update some of your personal information.

If you are a U of M student, you may already have claimed your computer ID.  If you have any questions about this process contact the IST Help Desk at (204) 474-8400.

Getting Started - by the end of your first week at work

Payroll information
The University of Manitoba requires that all employees be paid through direct deposit.

Please complete the Direct Deposit and applicable tax forms. Once completed, the forms may be submitted to:
Payroll Services, 403 Administration Building.

All employees are eligible to join the University of Manitoba Pension Plan.  If you have not already done so, please complete the Pension Plan Application for Membership form.  If you wish to waive your participation for up to two years, complete the Participation Waiver Form.

Mandatory Training

Legislation requires all employees to take certain training. If you have completed the training highlighted below, you do not need to take it again.

Accessibility at the U of M

Accessible Customer Service Training must be completed by all University of Manitoba employees, as required by the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. Online videos are available which take approximately 35 minutes to complete. Please visit the Accessibility Hub to complete this training.

New Worker General Orientation

New Worker General Orientation must be completed by all employees at the University of Manitoba. Please visit the Environmental Health and Safety Office's New Worker General Orientation to complete this training.

Items of Interest

Workplace Diversity Self-Declaration for New Faculty and Staff
All faculty and staff are encouraged to complete a short, online declaration form that asks you to identify the equity groups to which you belong or identify with. These groups include women, Indigenous peoples, people with a disability and people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

The questionnaire is housed in VIP-JUMP and is confidential. There are six questions; your response is voluntary and your personal information remains confidential. Individual information will not be shared and data will be aggregated.

To participate, please visit VIP-JUMP (using your UMnet ID and password); select the Staff Tab located in the Workplace Diversity Self-Declaration hub. More information can be found on the UCount webpage.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service (ESS) is located within the university’s secure JUMP internet portal. Simply log into JUMP, using your personal login and password.  Once you are in JUMP, click on the Staff tab then click on the link titled “Employee Self-Service”.

You may view your personal information including current address, emergency contact, pay statements, T4 slips, benefits coverage, vacation allowance, beneficiary, dependants and attendance profile.

We encourage you to update your address and emergency contact right away. If you have a preferred name — a name that you commonly use which is different from your legal name — you may update that at any time by clicking on the section titled “Personal Information” within ESS.

You will also find “My Career” in ESS, where you can search and apply for jobs, follow the progress of your application, accept your offers and upload your resume and cover letter.

Staff ID Card

Parking Services

University Policies

Orientation/Welcome to the University

Now that you have completed the requirements for onboarding, discover more about the University by visiting "Orientation to University of Manitoba" developed by Learning and Organizational Development.

If you have any further questions about the onboarding process, please call the HR Help Desk (204) 474-9400 or visit us online.