About the Office

The Provost and Vice-President (Academic)'s office provides leadership in the coordination and development of academic programs and in the maintenance of the highest standards of excellence and quality. Responsibilities include reviewing all new academic programs, development of and regular reviews of strategic academic planning in cooperation with other units, liaising and interacting with government officials in the areas of academic program matters and funding, and coordinating of international affairs.

The Vice-Provosts Academic Affairs, Students, Integrated Planning & Academic Programs and Graduate Education report to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic), as do the heads of academic units. These include all the Deans of Faculties, Directors of Schools, and Heads of the three affiliated colleges.  In addition, the Director of Immigration Services reports to the Provost and Vice-President (Academic). The Executive Lead for Indigenous Achievement reports to both the President & Vice-Chancellor and the Provost & Vice-President (Academic), and is responsible to develop and implement the Pathways to Indigenous Achievement. Creating Pathways to Indigenous achievement is one of the five strategic priorities of the Strategic Plan 2015-2020.