Academic Programs and Program Listing

The University of Manitoba offers a broad range of academic and professional programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Educational opportunities and professional development programming are also available through the area of Continuing Education in the Division of Extended Education.

All degree programs at the University have been reviewed and approved by the Manitoba Economic Development and Training prior to the final approval for implementation by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).  For information on approval of non-degree programs, please refer to the Non-Degree Programs Taxonomy.  Following implementation, programs are required to undergo periodic review with the goal of maintaining academic integrity of academic programming as well as quality assurance.

Below is a list of the undergraduate and graduate programs currently offered by the University of Manitoba.  Programs have been sorted by teaching faculty/school.  Please refer to the program listing key on the right for program level descriptors.

Please note that units may offer multiple credentials at a degree level. For detailed information on individual programs and options within a program, please visit the unit's website or the University of Manitoba's Academic Calendar & Catalog.


Please click on a faculty / school below for a listing of current programs.

 Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences and School of Agriculture +
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 School of Art +
 Faculty of Arts +
 I.H. Asper School of Business, Faculty of Management +
 Faculty of Education +
 Price Faculty of Engineering +
 Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth & Resources +
 Division of Extended Education +
 Faculty of Graduate Studies (Interdisciplinary Programs) +
 Rady Faculty of Health Sciences +
 Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation Management +
 Faculty of Law +
 Desautels Faculty of Music +
 Faculty of Science +
 Faculty of Social Work +

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Non-Degree Programs -Taxonomy


Program Listing Key
 d  diploma program
 m  minor
 B  Bachelor Degree (major program)
 C  Cooperative Education option
 DMD  Doctor of Dental Medicine
 JD  Juris Doctor
 MD  Doctor of Medicine
 PharmD  Doctor of Pharmacy
 P  Post-Baccalaureate Diploma
 G  Graduate Diploma
 M  Master's Degree
 D  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
 (c)  program offers concentrations