The Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell Award

(for particularly meritorious service in outreach activities)


To mark the end of the term of Dr. Ralph Campbell as president of the University of Manitoba, his colleagues and friends established a trust fund to support the Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell Outreach Award for meritorious service in outreach activities. The award is referred to as The Campbell Award.


The Campbell Award shall normally be presented each Fall to a staff member of the University of Manitoba.  The Value of the award will be determined from time to time by the Board of Governors.  In each of the past years, the award has been $1,000.  If, in the judgment of the committee of selection there are two candidates of equal merit, the committee may recommend that the Campbell Award be divided between the two candidates.

Nominations for the Campbell Award will be accepted from staff members of the University, alumni and members of the community.

No recipient of a Campbell Award is eligible to receive it a second time until the tenth year after the first receipt of the award.

Selection Committee

The Presidential Advisory Committee on University Outreach will continue to act as the selection committee for the Campbell Award and to advise the president of the most appropriate recipients for this year. The committee will bear in mind the diversity of faculties, schools and administrative units within the University and will attempt to give due recognition to all areas over a period of time.


Nomination forms can be found here and submitted to: Dr. Diane Hiebert-Murphy, Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs), Chair of the Selection Committee, 208 Administration Building, by Monday, February 22, 2021. The nomination forms must be accompanied by three letters of support, including at least one letter from outside the University.


Deadline for receipt of nomination forms is Monday, February 22, 2021.

For more information, please contact Norm Delos Reyes at

Award Recipients

2019  Dr. Tina Chen and Dr. Don Flaten 


Dr. Lori Wilkinson

2017 Dr. Elaine Mordoch 
2016 Prof. Dietmar Straub
2015 Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst, Dr. Vanessa Warne 
2014 Dr. Sharon Macdonald
2013 Dr. Witold Kinsner 
2012 Dr. Dean Kriellaars
2011 Dr. Francis Amara 
2010 Dr. Jennifer Mactavish 
2009 Dr. Richard Holley, Dr. Patrick Choy 
2008 Dr. Tom Berry 
2007 Prof. Ted McLachlan 
2006 Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht 
2005 Prof. H. Engbrecht, Dr. D. Jenkinson
2004 Dr. Z. Lutfiyya 
2003 Dr. W. Guenter 
2002 Dr. S. Blake, Dr. J. Sinclair
2001 Prof. W. Neville 
2000 Prof. F. Hellner
1999 Dr. S. Cheng, Dr. B. Macpherson 
1998 Dr. R. Boyer, Prof. C. Thomsen 
1997 Dr. T. Galloway 
1996 Dr. O. Gerus, Dr. S. Hryniuk 
1995 Dr. W. Dahlgren, Dr. M. Britton 
1994 Dr. G. Martin, Prof. E. Thomlinson 
1993 Ms. S. Boreskie, Prof. R. Penner 
1992 Drs. Diane and Roy Dowling,
 Dr. C. Gilson
1991 Prof. J.R. London, Prof. P.C. Thomas
1990 Prof. L.M. Lenz, Prof. H. Engbrecht
1989 Dr. B. Tefft, Dr. N. Winther 
1988 Dr. J.M. Friesen, Dr. W.O Pruitt 
1987 Prof. K.W. Osborne, Dr. A. Schwartz
1986 Dr. F.S. LaBella, Dr. E.D. Murray 
1985 Dr. L.M. Brockman, Dr. R.M. Mathur
1984 Dr. A.M. Schafer
1983  Dr. V.A. Corroll, Dr. J.A. Hildes
1982 Prof. H. Bessason, Dr. C.A. Ferguson



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