Faculty and Advisor Resources

Please note that the resources below are directed towards faculty and support staff. If you are a student looking for information on available services, please visit the Student Affairs webpages for more details.

As laid out in the Strategic Plan, the University of Manitoba is dedicated to providing an exceptional student experience by continuing to offer more opportunities for our students to learn, thrive, grow and be celebrated for their personal contributions.

In order to succeed in this mission, the university is responsible for providing the appropriate support and advice required to support its students.  Please refer to the information below to access some common resources available to our faculty and staff advisors.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs offers numerous programs and supports for student services as well as providing administrative support to faculties and schools as they relate to students.  Please visit their website below for more information on these resources.

Student Affairs

Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity Portal is a centralized location for resources promoting the importance of academic and research integrity at the University of Manitoba. 

Academic Integrity Portal

Indigenous Connect

The University of Manitoba is committed to Indigenous Achievement and to ensuring the success of First Nations, Métis and Inuit students and graduates.  Visit the Indigenous Connect Website for access to programs and services available to our indigenous students.

Indigenous Connect

Academic Advising

Student advising is integral to the student experience and key to supporting students.  Please click on the resources below for more information on advising services.

Academic Advisors 

FGS Roles & Responsibilities Guide

Advising Council

STATIS (Student Threat Assessment Triage Intervention Support)

STATIS is a program intended to create a safer campus environment.  Please refer to the STATIS brochure for information on reporting worrisome or threatening student behaviours.  If you are concerned about an IMMEDIATE SAFETY THREAT, contact Security Services at 555.

STATIS Brochure

Policies and Procedures

Below are some useful links to university policies and procedures that can aid in the directing of students through their academic studies and experiences at the University of Manitoba.

Academic Calendar

University Governing Documents

Expectations of Academic Staff with Regard to Students

Respectful Work and Learning Environment

Student Behavioural Policies (updated)