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Freedom From Religion: Is Government Going Too Far In The Secularization Of Society?

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Dr. David T. Barnard - Editorial

David Matas - Speaking notes

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Quebec secular charter 'abolishes rights,' opposition says Federal Tories vow to challenge law if passed
CBC News (Nov. 7, 2013)

Town of Hampstead won't apply 'racist' Quebec charter Côte St-Luc, University of Sherbrooke join Bill 60 resistance
CBC News (Dec. 4, 2013)

Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom

"Putting a Value on our Rights" - Professor discusses the importance of religious freedom
The Bulletin (Feb. 10, 2011)

On religion and the workings of our political morality
Interview with Steven Lecce, head of political studies in the Faculty of Arts

Secularization, religion and human rights
Interview with David Matas, Alumnus and human rights lawyer

Valuing freedom of religion: What does it mean?
Interview with Karen Busby, professor in the Faculty of Law

Featured Tweets

Lecce: the more different people are from us, the less likely we are to identify with them. #umvisionary

Busby: Quebec Charter favours certain religions based on dress codes. #umvisionary

Matas: This topic reminds us that we can have both too much secularism and too little. #umvisionary

Audience member: Ideal Canada would be one that tolerates differences. We need to be challenged to embrace this.

Matas: Secularism is a belief. Atheism is a belief. #umvisionary

Lecce: If we're tolerating people, we're still objecting to them in the first place. #umvisionary

Lecce makes me think defeat or rejection of Charter of Values would be more dangerous to Canada than passing #umvisionary

Audience Q: Does government bear responsibility in maintaining values when dealing with countries that have conflicting values? #umvisionary

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