Farm Health The Agronomists Role


 Wednesday, December 16, 2020 

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8:10   Welcome
Dr. Martin Scanlon, Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba
8:15   Introduction
Mr. Mitch Rezansoff, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers
8:30   Farm Health Factors: Mental & Physical Health
Dr. Briana Hagen, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Guelph
Ms. Heather Watson, Executive Director, Farm Management Canada
Ms. Thea Green, Program Manager, Keystone Agricultural Producers
10:00   Coffee Break & Poster Session
10:30   Beyond the Great Lockdown: Risks and Opportunities in Agricultural Markets
Mr. J.P. Gervais, Vice-President and Chief Agricultural Economist, Farm Credit Canada
11:20   Farm Health Factors: Farmland Health
Mr. Alan Kruszel, Crop Consultant
12:00   Lunch
1:00   Verticillium Stripe in Canola - A European Perspective
Dr. Andreas von Tiedemann, Professor, University of Gottingen
1:30 Verticillium Stripe in Canola - A Canadian Perspective
Ms. Justine Cornelson, Agronomist, Canola Council of Canada
1:45   Weather, Grasshopper Diversity, Outbreaks, Natural Controls and Future Management
Dr. Dan Johnson, Professor, University of Lethbridge
2:30   Coffee Break & Poster Session
3:00   Molecular PCR Analysis for Genetically Resistant Weeds
Dr. Martin Laforest, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Panel Discussion: Tools for Talking about Tough Issues
Moderator: Ms. Elaine Froese, Farm Family Coach

Mr. Ryan Immerkar, Managing Partner, New Era Ag Technologies
Ms. Anastasia Kubinec, Agronomist, Roquette

 Thursday, December 17, 2020

8:30   Manitoba Dry Bean Agronomy Update
Mr. Dennis Lange, Industry Development Specialist - Pulses, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development
8:40   Making Fungicides Pay in Beans
Mr. Chris Gillard, Professor, University of Guelph
9:15   Dry Bean & Canola Agronomy: Lessons from Ontario
Ms. Meghan Moran, Canola and Edible Bean Specialist, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
9:45   Coffee Break & Poster Session
10:15   Winter Wheat - Breaking Through the Yield Ceiling
Mr. Ken Gross, Agrologist, Ducks Unlimited
10:45   Wheat Agronomy - Matching Input Level with Cultivar
Ms. Anne Kirk. Cereals Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development
Mr. Brad Pinkerton, Manitoba Marketing Representative, Secan
11:30 Pollinators in Agroecosystems
Dr. Melanie Dubois, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
12:00   Lunch
1:00   "Sensible" Soil Health
Mr. Andrew McGuire, Irrigated Cropping Systems Agronomist, Washington State University
1:45   Manitoba Soil Health Update
Dr. Mario Tenuta, Professor, University of Manitoba
Dr. David Lobb, Professor, University of Manitoba
2:30   Coffee Break & Poster Session
3:00   Applied Research Highlights in Soil Fertility
Mr. Chris Holzapfel, Research Manager, Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation
3:45   Nutrient Misbehaviour...Learning from my Mistakes
Dr. Don Flaten, Professor, University of Manitoba
4:30   Official Closing





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