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In the Media

June 16, 2008. CBC Radio 1, Radio Noon with Marilyn Maki - interview with Mario Tenuta

June 5, 2008. "Hog manure can triple livestock productivity." Western Producer.

May 9, 2008. Radio interviews with CFAM and CKDM.

July 30, 2007. "Swine manure fertilizer improves productivity of unimproved native pasture." Farmscape, Episode 2551.

July 28, 2007. "Research identifies environmentally sustainable management practices to improve pasture productivity." Farmscape, Episode 2550.

July 26, 2007. "Swine manure unlikely as major contributor to antibiotic resistance." Farmscape, Episode 2548.

April 5, 2007. "Few answers come from pathogen tests." Manitoba Co-operator, p. 28.

April 5 , 2007. "U of M scientists plan manure study's Phase 2 for spring." Manitoba Co-operator, p. 29.

March 29, 2007. "La Broquerie study unravels greenhouse gas myths." Manitoba Co-operator, p. 8.

March 22, 2007. "Soil and water okay after hog manure applied." Manitoba Co-operator, p. 7.

March 22, 2007. "La Broquerie three-year study presented." Manitoba Co-operator, p. 9.

March 22, 2007. "Forage and cattle benefit from hog manure." Manitoba Co-operator, p. 24.

July 2005. "SPADA tour showcases how innovative Manitoba ag can be." MRAC Newsletter, Issue #05-02, p. 1.

October 29, 2004. "Research shows minimal groundwater quality impact from manure applied to established forage." Farmscape, Episode 1633.

October 4, 2004. "Wet weather produces unique greenhouse gas emission research results." Farmscape, Episode 1614.

September 30, 2004. "Research targets greenhouse gases." The Western Producer, p. 4.

September 16, 2004. "Look for a nutrient balance when applying manure." Manitoba Co-operator, p. 8.

July 8, 2004. "Research Links: Hog manure and forages." Farmers' Independent Weekly, p. 6.

March 18, 2004. "U of M examines benefits of swine manure in reducing greenhouse gas emissions on pasture." Farmscape, Episode 1470.

February 27, 2004. "U of M research examines pathogen survivability in the food chain." Farmscape, Episode 1456.

February 18, 2004. "New research to examine timing of swine manure fertilizer application." Farmscape, Episode 1449.

December 10, 2003. "U of M initiates multi-disciplinary hog manure fertilizer study." Farmscape, Episode 1402.

Past Extension Events

Summer, 2007. Site used by Manitoba Forage Council for training sessions to groups of pasture managers from China

August, 2007. Tour for the Manure Management Conference 2007

August, 2007. Field tour at site

July 26, 2007. Provincial Pasture Tour

June 25, 2007. Tour for participants of the Tri-Provincial Manure Management Conference

March 8, 2007. Summary of La Broquerie data presented at Strategy Workshop for Sustainable Livestock Production in Manitoba

March 7, 2007. La Broquerie Project Presentation - Friedensfeld

Aug. 15, 2006. Annual Tour for the Stuartburn Piney Agricultural District Association

July 28, 2006. Tour for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada staff from Ottawa

March 8-10, 2006. Presentation Integrated Solutions to Manure Management Conference

March 2, 2006. Poster presentation Hutterite Reception Glenlea Research Station

Feb. 21, 2006. Poster presentation Manitoba Pork Council

Jan. 26, 2006. Poster presentation Provincial NDP Ministers

Dec., 2005. Poster presentation Manitoba Grazing School

Dec. 2, 2005. Presentation to Expert Committee on Forages

Nov. 16, 2005. Faculty Seminar Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Nov. 7-10, 2005. Agronomy/Soil Society of America presentation

Sept. 27, 2005. Poster Presentation Manitoba Institute of Agrologists Tour

Sept. 20, 2005. Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Association Tour

Aug. 11, 2005. Annual Tour for the Stuartburn Piney Agricultural District Association

Aug. 4, 2005. Manitoba Soil Science Society Summer Tour

Aug. 2, 2005. Manitoba Zero-tillage Research Farm Producer Tour

July 26, 2005. Presentation CSAS Annual Meeting

July 7, 2005. Tour for the Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council

June 23, 2005. Presentation to Beef Cattle Research Council

June 22, 2005. Tour for members of the Beef Cattle Research Council

April 5, 2005. Presentation to Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives Staff

Feb. 25, 2005. Poster at Prairie Wetland Greenhouse Gas Symposium, Oak Hammock

Feb. 3-4, 2005. Oral presentation to Manitoba Soil Science Society Meeting

Jan. 25, 2005. Poster presentation to Livestock and Environment Initiative Conference, Toronto ON

Jan. 19, 2005. Oral presentation to the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Dec. 6, 2004. Oral presentation to the Department of Soil Science

Oct. 30, 2004. Student tour at site

Oct. 8, 2004. Tour for attendees of Living with Livestock Conference

Oct. 5-7, 2004. Two posters at the Living with Livestock Conference Proceedings

Sept. 8, 2004. Student tour at site

Sept. 7, 2004. Field tour at site

July 25, 2004. Presentation at CSAS Annual Meeting - Edmonton


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