Sponsored Student Accounts

A sponsor is a third-party entity that agrees to pay The University of Manitoba Bookstore for a student's educational books and supplies. Examples of sponsors are First Nation Bands, Non-Profit organizations, Government Departments or employers.

Sponsored students can shop online by creating an account and entering their student number as the account number.

Please note: The information below is for the sponsorship of Course Materials (e.g., books and supplies).  To sponsor Tuition, contact Financial Services:

Course Material Sponsorship Form

·  Fill out a separate Course Material Sponsorship Form for each student you would like to sponsor.

·  Include the Sponsoring Agency's name, address and Bookstore account number (see below)

·  Include the Student's Name and Student Number

·  Include the Academic Year (e.g., 2019-2020), session/term and maximum dollar amount

·  Select the types of goods you are sponsoring

·  The form must be signed by someone listed as an Authorized Signatory when the Accounts Receivable Account was set up (see below)

Send the form to:

 - Email:  Book.Sponsor@umanitoba.ca

 - FAX:  204-474-7555

Each student will be linked to the Sponsoring Agency's Accounts Receivable account (see below).

The Sponsoring Agency will receive monthly Statements which must be paid within 30 days. We will include details of charges made by each student.


*** NEW SPONSORS ONLY*** Accounts Receivable Application Form

·  If you are a NEW Sponsoring Agency, fill out an Accounts Receivable Application Form. This form only needs to be filled out once and is valid until cancelled or amended.

·  Include the Sponsoring Agency's name, mailing address, billing address and Accounts Payable contact

·  List the individuals who are authorized to sign the individual Course Material Sponsorship Forms (see above). Please include their signature sample

·  Provide two credit references and the amount of credit requested

·  The form should be signed by an individual who can authorize funding - typically a senior manager

Send the form to:

 - Email:  Book.Sponsor@umanitoba.ca

 - FAX:  204-474-7555

Once the application is approved, we will contact the Sponsoring Agency with your Bookstore Account number.