Club Achievements


Since chartered in 1997, UM Masters has won many awards from our area, district and Toastmasters International. The colorful ribbons hanging over our club banner would guarantee that you will be growing in our club.

Accomplishments of Our Members

Acheivements of Current Members
  Dianne Winser, DTM(twice)
  Bev Doern, DTM(twice)
  June Laronde, ATM-B & CL
  Cathy Plouffe, CC, CL
  Charith Gunasekara, ALB, ALB
  Dinesh Gurusinghe, CC, CL
  Mohsin Khan, CC, CL
Maimouna Coundoul, CC
  Agnes P. Andrew, CC




Acheivements of Past Members

  Myra Friesen, CTM
  Jeannine Gendron, CTM
  Frank Liebzeit, ATM-G & CL
  Eric Liu, CTM & CL
  Ann Loewen, CTM
  Heather Racano, CTM & CL
  Andrew Roncin, CTM
  Laura Ross, ATM-B & CL
  James Sturney, CTM
  Anita Erlinda Tseng, CTM
  Polly Washburn, CTM
  Joel Casselman, ATM-B
  Teagan Strauss, CC


* CTM: Competent Toastmaster
* ATM-B: Advanced Toastmaster Bronze
* ATM-S: Advanced Toastmaster Silver
* ATM-G: Advanced Toastmaster Gold
* DTM: Distinguished Toasmaster
* ALB: Advanced Leader Bronze
* ALS: Advanced Leader Silver
* ALG: Advanced Leader Gold
* ACB: Advanced Communicator Bronze
* ACS: Advanced Communicator Silver
* ACG: Advanced Communicator Gold
* CC: Competent Communicator
* CL: Competent Leader
* AL: Advanced Leader