ReShop Online

Originally located in the basement of Helen Glass Centre for Nursing, the ReShop encourages the UM Community to take, donate or exchange office furniture and accessories. Over the years, the ReShop has provided hundreds of items for reuse such as cabinets, chairs, desks, binders and other office furnishings. The ReShop builds on the culture of a circular economy, an alternative to regular consumption, a circular economy ensures products are used for as long as possible. Recycling items within the University community diverts items from landfill and saves finite resources.

ReShop Online serves as a virtual warehouse where you can browse available items and post items you no longer need. Check it out here: (currently under construction)

Any UM community member with a email address can list available items in their department by category, quantity and date Photos can also be added to your listing and you can browse what others have posted. Alternatively, staff can also post detailed wanted listings, specifying the type(s) of item they need.


Interested in seeing what is in the Re-Shop during COVID19?

Email with the item(s) you are looking for and we will be in touch.