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"Shooting of Thomas Scott" by Guilmette

Canadian Illustrated News: A Commemorative Portfolio / Selected and Introduced by Peter Desbarats. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, [c1970]. Pt. 4: The West (Saturday, January 15, 1870). p. 5.

RBR FC 1 C25 1970 Portfolio c.1

"The Execution of Scott", in, Lépine, Ambroise Dydime, Preliminary Investigation and Trial of Ambroise D. Lepine for the Murder of Thomas Scott: Being a Full Report of the Proceedings in this Case Before the Magistrates' Court and the Several Courts of Queen's Bench in the Province of Manitoba / Specially Reported and Compiled by Messrs. Elliott and Brokovski of the Canadian Press. Montreal: Burland-Desbarats, 1874.

University of Manitoba Libraries - RBR FC 3217.1 .L47 L47

Here are two drawings made at different times of the execution of Thomas Scott.

Look carefully at each one.
How are they the same? How are they different?
Pay attention to the look on the face of the man who is doing the shooting. How do you think he feels?

How do you think a person from Eastern Canada would feel looking at these drawings? What would they think about Louis Riel?

How do the pictures make you feel?