Meet these emerging Aboriginal writers ...

Méla Renard
is a Cree/Métis writer who grew up the in the heart of Winnipeg’s (in)famous North End and now lives within sight of the Golden Boy. Her short fiction can be found in xxx.ndn: love and lust in ndn country, published by the Aboriginal Writers’ Collective of Manitoba (2011). She is currently focusing on completion of her first novel and learning the fine art of lip-pointing. 

Norma Dunning is an Inuk writer of poetry and ficiton who is currently seeking a publisher. To watch an interview of her, please click HERE.

Jordan Carpenter is an Inuvialuit writer who just published a novel entitled Finding Home. To hear him read excerpts from his story, please click HERE.  Jordan's work is among 16 that are included in the anthology Coming Home: Stories from the Northwest Territories 

Visit the Manitoba Writers’ Collective website.