Creative Communities Studio
The Centre's new Creative Communities Studio / Media Lab is a state-of-the-art space designed to enable collaborative work in writing, editing, storytelling and multimedia arts.  The Studio is equipped with a professional quality recording studio as well as video recording and editing tools.  It will enable the creation of new works at the University of Manitoba and the archiving of valuable cultural material.



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Our Location:  Room 390A University College, 220 Dysart Road, University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus

Water in Canadian First Nations: A Symposium in The Pas, Manitoba
Thousands of Canadian First Nation homes have no running water and about one in seven First Nation communities has tap water that is unfit to drink.Professors, university students, and members of 10 Manitoba First Nations gathered in The Pas, Manitoba May 9-10, 2012, for a research planning symposium on the health impacts of inadequate drinking water and sanitation. Participants concluded that overcoming barriers to accessible water in First Nation communities will require effective social action, water and sanitation treatment plants designed for community growth, improved training programs for water testing and improved community planning for piping water to homes and retrofitting homes. 

Recordings from Meira Cook's 2011 Poetry Seminar Group

Recordings of CCWOC's Winter 2011 Writer-in-Residence
Meira Cook

Recordings from the Tomson Highway Cabaret
On October 23, 2010

Recordings of CCWOC's Fall 2010 Writer/Storyteller-in-Residence
Ignatius Mabasa

Recordings of Student Writers in Ignatius Mabasa's
2010 Storytelling Group