Poetics & Performance After the Internet Workshop
 Jordan Abel

November 1, 2017

Join CCWOC's Writer-in-Residence Jordan Abel for this exciting workshop! (Registration required)

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—excerpt from an online syllabus at UPenn

Digital poetry and poetics have come a long way since the time of CyberText, Hypermedia Writing, and CD-ROM Poetry. Multimedia projects like Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse’s Between Page and Screen explore the intermediary space of augmented reality reading, while Rachel Zolf’s Janey’s Arcadia investigates and problematizes the politics of recognition through an OCR process that misrecognizes archival texts.

In this workshop, we’ll work together to imagine literatures that are digitally generated and/or literatures that respond to and engage with digital culture. Likewise, we’ll work together towards tracing the boundaries (or lack thereof) of digital literature (particularly as they relate to certain forms of conceptualism). Our goal will not necessarily be to create art that exists in a digital medium (although you can certainly do this if you’d like), but to create art that is informed in some way by a digital precondition.

To learn more about Jordan's workshop, please click here.  Or contact us at ccwoc@umanitoba.ca to register!