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Philip N. Jones.

Seattle, The Mountaineers, c1982.
Distributed by Douglas & McIntyre.
157pp, paper, $11.95.
ISBN 0-89886-043-1.


Harvey Manning and Ira Spring.

Seattle, The Mountaineers, c1982.
Distributed by Douglas & Mclntyre.
192pp, paper, $9.95.
ISBN 0-89886-037-7.

Grades 10 and up.
Reviewed by June Curley.

Volume 11 Number 1.
1983 January.

Canoe Routes describes fifty flat water trips for various levels of skill in northwestern Oregon that are paddled in one day, or less. For each, the location (Long Island, Washington, etc.,) is given as is the mileage distance, the estimated time, and the rating difficulty for each trip on a scale A-C. Sketch maps are interspersed for each water trip. Choice of canoes, kayaks, basic paddling techniques are described.

On the cover of Northwest Trails is an explanatory description of its scope and geographical coverage: "a hiker's and climber's overview-guide to national parks and wilderness areas in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Canadian Rockies.

The guidebook is sectioned into places such as Wyoming, British Columbia, etc., to explore seventy-three parks and wilderness regions. Each geographical section outlines information such as the weather, best hiking season, trail descriptions, climbing difficulties, when parks are least crowded, guide books, etc. A cursory examination, and assuming the Mountaineers are experts in their quest, the information seems accurate. Mileage scaled map insets indicate parks and wilderness areas. A key to decipher the maps would be helpful to the novice hiker.

Both Mountaineer publications have faded black-and-white photographs that do not show the beauty of places such as the Canadian Rockies or Ross Island, Portland. Neither do the photographs display much paste-up expertise as they are put indiscriminately (bleeding, spacing, slanting) on the pages throughout the text. Each guide is indexed.

These handbooks contain valuable information for the hiking, canoeing public. Likely, a personal copy is necessary.

June Curley, Eric Hamber S. S., Vancouver, BC.
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