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Lois Tarnai.

Toronto, Wiley, c1982.
496pp, cloth, $19.95.
ISBN 0-471-79895-9.

Grades 11 and up.
Reviewed by Ian Ferguson.

Volume 11 Number 2.
1983 March.

As a business education textbook, this book provides a comprehensive summary of the introduction of modern office technology to routine office tasks. Today's office is in a transitory stage, caught between the typewriter and the computer.

The book is arranged in an easy to use fashion and contains a number of readers' guides: "Job Bank," "Business Terminology Bank," and "Precedents Bank." The "Job Bank" asks the reader to complete a job description for the position being described. The "Business Terminology Bank" provides a series of concise definitions that are summarized in a business lexicon at the end of the book. The "Precedents Bank" provides a number of assignments dealing with various business functions (e.g., type a notice of an annual general meeting). In addition to the material found in the text, there are available a resource manual and a student workbook. At the end of each chapter of the text, there are a number of activities outlined that may be completed by an individual or a group.

While reading the text, the student will become aware of the introduction of many new pieces of office equipment. Paramount in the discussion is the role of microcomputers, electronic data transmission, and telecommunications networks. Throughout, the reader witnesses a comparison of the traditional secretary whose only machine interaction is with a typewriter, telephone, and duplicating machine and the modern secretary who has reduced the office tasks through the use of machines and has become a manager of creative thinking through the exportation of organizational skills.

The text would be excellent for the senior secondary student or post-secondary student. I would recommend this text for purchase.

Ian Ferguson, Arrow Lakes School District, Nakusp, BC.
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