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Will Malloff.

Newtown (CT), Taunton Press, c1982.
Distributed by Firefly.
213pp, paperbound boards, $28.95.
ISBN 0-918804-124.

Grades 10 and up.
Reviewed by Peter F. Chernoff.

Volume 11 Number 4.
1983 July.

It is a real pleasure to find a how-to text by a genuinely knowledgeable author who has gained expertise and has spent a lifetime in the trade. Chainsaw Lumbermaking is such a book, and Will Malloff has been a lumberjack for over thirty years, devoting the past twenty to making lumber with a chainsaw. He even holds a patent on ripping chain.

Malloff is thorough and comprehensive, and his step-by-step procedures, illustrated with over four hundred black-and-white photographs, are easy to follow. He has developed or adapted techniques and equipment that provide the simplest system for ecologically sound lumber production.

Chainsaw Lumbermaking is divided into three sections. The first one, "In the Shop," Malloff uses to discuss saws, chains, and their modification for ripping, the mill, and how it works, how he uses a winch to move the saw through a log, and tools he builds to assist with the job. Section two, "In the Field," shows how to fell a tree, how to set up the mill, and how to cut lumber. He provides all the basic information and also includes techniques for milling boxheart lumber, quarter sawing, and slab sawing. Part three is for specialty work with specialty mills one can construct to cut burls, ovals, natural knees (for boatbuilding), how to handle big wood, how to cut circles, trim edges, cut angles, etc.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, if you are looking for complete information on changing logs into ordinary or specialty lumber, then Chainsaw Lumbermaking will fit the bill.

Peter F. Chernoff, Thorn C. I., Regina, SK.
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