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John Jackson and Phil Weller.

Toronto, Between the Lines, c1982.
(Ecology and Resources).
128pp, paper, $5.50 (paper), $15.95 (cloth).
ISBN 0-919946-27-5 (paper), 0-919946-26-7 (cloth).

Grades 10 and up.
Reviewed by Elaine Balpataky.

Volume 11 Number 5.
1983 September.

The situation described in this book is indeed a nightmare: chemical wastes dumped years ago and forgotten, waste management sites run by people who ignore the rules when they can get away with it, unauthorized dumping, flaws in government monitoring systems, the list goes on and on. What makes the book even more disturbing is that all this is happening right here in Canada.

The authors focus on Ontario to show "the different kinds of responses to the wastes issue," but the lessons of Ontario are thought to be relevant elsewhere. An appendix summarizes the situation across Canada.

After detailed analyses of the complex problems associated with waste disposal, the authors introduce the alternative concept of "waste management," which they feel is the answer. They outline a number of steps that can be taken to remedy the situation. These steps include the reduction of wastes, recycling and reclamation, and waste exchange, as well as a variety of methods for waste disposal.

The book ends with the statement that, as citizens, we have the right to make decisions affecting our lives and that in places where people are organizing and working together, this right is becoming a reality.

A glossary and a map showing all the Ontario locations referred to are included. There are also a number of black-and-white photographs. Authority is added through the extensive use of footnotes for each chapter. There is a detailed index. Recommended for school libraries serving courses in environmental science, geography courses that include environmental issues, and courses focusing on current issues.

Elaine Balpataky, Ingersoll D. C. I., Ingersoll, ON.
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