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Toronto, University of Toronto Press c1983.
1044pp, cloth, $45.00.
ISBN ISBN 0-8920-3398-9.

Grades 11 and up.
Reviewed by J. D. Ingram.

Volume 12 Number 3
1984 May

I have yet to see a negative review on any volumes of the prestigious Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Roger Hall in the Globe and Mail said, "criticizing a volume .. .is akin to making an attack on motherhood." Glyndwr Williams commented that, "when all is said and done, the DCB remains a massive achievement." Similarly, Volume V deserves as much praise as its seven predecessors.

The time period covered here includes such dramatic events as the War of 1812 and the Selkirk settlements. Some of the well-known characters included in this volume are: Lord Selkirk, Guy Carleton, Joseph Brant, Peter Pond, Alexander Henry, and Tecumseh, to name just a few.

There is an abundance of less well-known individuals, all of whom played roles that vary in significance, but add substantially to a broader, more complete picture of a period of time. It is an interesting and informative way to spend some time (on a frosty Winnipeg evening, for example) reading about the likes of James Moody, Jemima Sawtelle, or Weyapiersenwah!

One index groups individuals according to their occupations, which range from agricultural through mariners to women. A second index groups people according to their geographical place of birth and career. The third (nominal) index lists all the biographies and the references to all others. The "General Bibliography" includes notes on archival sources, printed primary sources, reference works, studies, and journals.

This is an impressive addition to an already well established and valuable series on Canadian biography and history. For teachers and libraries, a must!

J. D. Ingram, Gordon Bell H. S., Winnipeg, MB.
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