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Edited by Brian W. Tomlin and Maureen Molot. Toronto, James Lorimer, c1985. 222pp, paper, ISBN 0-88862-797-1 (cloth) $19.95, 0-88862-796-3 (paper) $9.95.

Grades 12 and up
Reviewed by Thomas F. Chambers

Volume 13 Number 5
1985 September

This is the first edition of a new annual review on Canadian foreign policy co-published with the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University, where Brian Tomlin is a director, and Maureen Molot, an associate director. Most of the other contributors are also on the staff of Carleton University.

There are five major sections in the review, with a sixth providing a chronology of important international developments in 1984. The five sections are: "Canada's International Policies," "International Security," "International Political Economy," "International Development," and "Canada-U.S. Relations."

The editors seem to assume a greater importance for Canada in international affairs than our size and record warrant. This assumption is reflected in the choice of topics included. For example, because Canada is a neighbour of both the United States and the Soviet Union, it is believed that we can have an influence on them. In reality, both superpowers do what they want with little, if any regard for how Canadians feel. It therefore makes little sense to stress the importance of our role when Ottawa is often ignored by Moscow and Washington. Anyone who follows international events regularly in newspapers and periodicals will be familiar with the material in this book. It summarizes events well, from the end of the Trudeau era to the beginning of the Mulroney government. It provides thoughtful commentary on these events. However, a good editorial section in a daily paper does essentially the same thing.

Thomas F. Chambers, Canadore C.C., North Bay, Ont.
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