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Kessler, Deidre.

Illustrated by Ken Shelton. Charlottetown, Ragweed Press, c1985. 102pp, paper, $4.95, ISBN 0-920304-33-8. (Another Story for Another Time) CIP

Grade 1-4
Reviewed by Brenda Watson

Volume 14 Number 4
1986 July

This is the second book in the series Another Story for Another Time by Deidre Kessler, the first being The Private Adventures of Brupp.* In this story, Brupp the cat hitches a ride on a bicycle to board a ferry leaving Prince Edward Island for the "other side," or New Brunswick. He has several adventures on the other side. He is captured and escapes from a pound, he makes the acquaintance of Billy the Bathtub Boy, but leaves him for what he hopes will be a grand adventure. The countryside changes as he travels along rivers, through cities and towns, meeting more people and adventure.

The other side does not live up to its advance billing. Brupp sees the world as it really is, gets sore paws, and becomes tired of street living. Aurora's farm back home becomes more appealing, until his current pal, Khyber O'toole, a big black dog, suggests they board the Greek container vessel, the Omega Maros, for yet more travels and surely a third book in the series.

This is true animal fantasy, with more than a touch of philosophy along the way. Brupp talks to other animals freely and some humans are worthy of communication with him. At times, the philosophy is too explicit. Brupp's adventures and reactions clearly illustrate the morals of the story without Brupp have to spell them out. Nevertheless, Brupp and his friends are interesting characters and true individualists. The action is fast paced at times, as Brupp faces real danger and draws on friendship to escape from it.

The volume itself is hand sized with scroll-shaped illustrations and calligraphy letters introducing each chapter. Charming and obviously intended as a very personal volume. Regrettably, the format makes this book unsuitable for school or public libraries. It would be lost on most regular and paperback shelving. Best for catlovers and cosy bedtime reading.

Brenda Watson, Victoria, B.C.

*Reviewed XII/4 July 1984 p.167.

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