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Genard, Jon.

Headingley (Man,), White Horse Plains Publishers, c1983. 59pp, paper, $4.00, ISBN 0-92103-00-6.Distributed by White Horse Plains Publishers, Box 113, R.R. 1, Headingley, Man., ROH OJO.

Grade 6 and up
Reviewed by Hugh A. Cook

Volume 14 Number 4
1986 July

Jon Gerrard, a medical doctor in Manitoba, developed an interest in bald eagles. As a result of this interest, he became interested in the life of Charles Broley and had the opportunity to meet Jeanne, Charles's daughter, and visit the site of the family cottage at Delta, Ontario. This, along with the writings he had perused of Charles Broley's pioneer work in bird watching and the banding of bald eagles, lead Gerrard to write a paper for a conference on bald eagles that was being held in Winnipeg.

Unfortunately, there are several gaps in the life of Charles Broley that Gerrard could only surmise about, and these he has acknowledged. Charles Broley was raised in Elora, Ontario. He became a banker, moved to Delta, where he met and married his first wife, Ruby, and built the family cottage on an island. Unfortunately, he lost Ruby to tuberculosis. He moved to Manitoba, where he met his second wife, Myrtle. At this time in his life he became an avid bird watcher, as did Myrtle. He became highly respected for his knowledge of birds and upon his retirement, at the age of sixty, began climbing one hundred foot high trees to band eagles. After several years of banding, Charles began to notice a decline in successful nestings of the eagles and was responsible for raising enough concern that political action brought about a ban on DDT.

Shortly after Myrtle's death Charles died trying to extinguish a grass fire that burnt his cottage. By his personal efforts Charles had greatly encouraged an interest in bird sanctuaries and bird conservation in general. Avid hunters became avid bird watchers and photograhers. This is a story that needed telling and it would be a worthwhile addition to the bird section of all libraries.

Hugh A. Cook, Calico P.S.. North York, Ont.
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