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Hutchins, Hazel J.

Illustrated by Catharine O'Neill. Toronto, Annick Press, c1986. unpaged, paper, ISBN 0-920303-54-4 (cloth) $12.95, 0-920303-55-2 (paper) $4.95. CIP

Grades 1-3
Reviewed by Nancy E. Black

Volume 14 Number 4
1986 July

This is a delightful story that suggests one explanation for the problem of mysteriously disappearing household items. After Leanna loses her most important building block, she adds up other items recently missing, and is immediately suspicious of a blue box bought at a garage sale. She decides the box contains a genie-thief and she builds a variety of traps to catch this genie; successfully trapping her brother, her mother, but not the genie. Disgruntled with her failure, she sulks on the couch and discovers it is the over-stuffed (talking) sofa that has the penchant for taking items. The ever-resourceful Leanna negotiates a series of trades to retrieve more precious items, but allows the sofa some of its treasures; establishing a firm friendship in the process. The subject of missing objects is certainly a familiar and likely problematic issue in many households. The author takes this subject and, with much imagination, tells a humorous, lively tale. Leanna is portrayed as a wonderfully determined, resourceful, and imaginative child, with whom many will identify. This story is accompanied wilh warm and colourful illustrations effectively complementing the text. Highly recommended.

Nancy E. Black, Saskatoon P.L.. Saskatoon, Sask.
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