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Von Königslöw, Andrea Wayne.

Toronto, Annick Press, c1986. unpaged, paper, ISBN 0-920303-56-0 (cloth) $12.95, 0-920303-57-9 (paper) $455. (Annick Toddler series) CIP

Pre-School-Grade 2
Reviewed by Janet E. Goldack

Volume 14 Number 4
1986 July

Lexi and "special friend," dinosaur Teddy, await a new addition to the family by doing all the conventional things, watching Mother's stomach grow, listening to the baby's heart beat, feeling the baby kick, only to be disappointed when baby finally appears. The usual reaction to the inert blob, not a playmate at all, is eventually dispelled by understanding parents. The illustrations are simple and appealing to a child, but do not consistently correspond to the text. For example, the dinosaur referred to on page 1 is not portrayed until page 9. The reference to teaching the baby French songs seems rather contrived and added as an afterthought, possibly to make the book appear more Canadian. This normal happily-ever-after story may not be acceptable in some areas, as the front cover depicts Mother breastfeeding and, also, when Lexi becomes curious about lactation, Mother lets her "have a taste too." Neither of these elements appear to add significantly to the quality of the story. Although this publication can be classed as realistic, the characters, appear wooden, making this exciting time in a family's life a rather mundane affair.

Janet E. Goldack, Grant Park H.S., Winnipeg, Man.
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