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Department of the Secretary of State. Montreal, Canadian Government Publishing Centre, 1987. unpaged, looseleaf, $9.95. Distributed by the Canadian Government Publishing Centre, 200 Dorchester Blvd. West, West Tower, Room 517A, Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 1X4. ISBN 0-660-123 10-X.

All grades
Reviewed by Alma Webster

Volume 15 Number 4
1987 July

The cards in this set portray the symbols of the nation, provinces, and territories and include an accompanying text on the reverse side. The twenty-seven cards, each 8 x 11 inches, are of good quality card, well designed and illustrated in realistic, strong colours. The cards are numbered so that they are easily located and used. The map, 33 x 22 inches, depicts the chief geographic features and industries of Canada with brightly coloured animated figures.

The first card, "Canada," shows the Canadian flag, the coat of arms, the maple leaf emblem, and a small map indicating the population, area, and capital. The reverse side gives the origin of the name Canada, history, description of the armorial bearings, the motto, and the flag description. The next two cards deal with the Crown in Canada and show the Queen's personal flag, the royal cypher, the crown, the governor general's flag, and the flags of the lieutenant governors. The texts of the national anthem and the royal anthem, in both English and French, are attractively presented. Two cards show Canada's historical flags and boundaries.

There is a card for each province and territory, with similar information as for the country: the flag, coat of arms, floral emblem, and map.

Seven cards are designed for pupil use with questions on identifying the symbols, flags, armorial bearings and floral emblems; designing a coat of arms, stamp, and coin. These would have to be colour duplicated so as not to spoil the original cards. Only the designing activities allow for any creativity; those of recognition are quite routine, for use only by younger pupils in the intermediate grades.

One card provides teacher suggestions and has an extensive bibliography of books, records, films, and multi-media kits.

As well as a teaching kit, these cards would make a colourful bulletin board display or could be permanently mounted. The kit is a very welcome item. Recommended for all schools.

Alma Webster, Edmonton, Alta.
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